Arboricultural Services

Tree Crown Thinning and Reduction.

Crown thinning and crown reduction are similar in their undertaking but both produce very different results.

Thinning, as the name suggests, is the removal of smaller, light branches to thin out the overall foliage of a tree without compromising its shape. This is often done to large, thicker trees to allow light and air to move more freely, and can reduce the likelihood of a tree being felled in strong weather conditions.

Crown reduction is the opposite; it is the removal of individual branches to alter the shape and size of a tree whilst maintaining its structural integrity. Reductions may be made to minimise the effects of shading and light loss, and to reduce mechanical stress across the tree and its branches.

It is advised that any alterations to the crown of a tree – the top, leafy part, not including the exposed trunk - are done to a professional standard by an experienced arborist for ultimate health and safety, and to ensure you maintain the health and structural integrity of your tree. Our specialists employ precise techniques, guaranteeing the safety of both individuals and properties whilst adhering to regulations.


Why choose Landscape Service’s for your crown thinning and reduction services?

Landscape Services brings together a team of highly experienced, knowledgeable and skilled arborists to provide our customers with intricate tree management services, such as crown thinning and crown reduction. With Landscape Services, you can trust our expertise in removing small branches for improved tree structure and appearance, eradicating crossing branches, removing dead or diseased branches, reducing the weight of heavy branches and thinning the canopy for enhanced growth.

When it comes to crown reduction, we offer precise pruning of the tree's canopy, shortening or cutting back the lateral branches, removing dead or diseased branches, reducing heavy branches and shaping the tree for improved structure and appearance. Crown reduction and crown thinning are just a couple of the arboricultural services undertaken by our in-house team of arborists. Contact us today to find out more about our range of tree management services.

What Services Are Included Within Our Crown Thinning and Reduction Services?

Landscape Services offers a comprehensive range of crown thinning and reduction services designed to cater to specific tree care needs. Our arborists execute each service with precision to maintain your tree's health and longevity.

In our crown thinning service, we ensure:

  • Careful removal of small or weak branches throughout the tree's crown for improved structure and aesthetics.
  • Removal of crossing or rubbing branches to prevent damage or wounds to the tree, ensuring its health and reducing potential issues.
  • Elimination of dead, diseased or broken branches to promote the tree's health and reduce hazards.
  • Weight reduction of heavy branches to prevent breakage under harsh weather conditions.
  • Thinning of the tree's canopy to enhance light and air penetration, promoting healthier foliage growth.

In contrast, crown reduction services comprise of:

  • Pruning or removal of the tree's outermost branches, reducing its height or spread for better manageability.
  • Shortening or cutting back lateral branches to redirect the tree's growth and maintain a manageable size.
  • Removing dead or diseased branches to improve the tree's health and reduce hazards.
  • Reducing the weight of heavy branches to prevent potential damage under severe weather conditions.
  • Shaping the tree to improve its appearance and overall structure.


The Benefits of Crown Thinning and Reduction Services

Our crown thinning and reduction services offer a wealth of benefits. At their core, these procedures directly influence the health of the trees. By eliminating dead or diseased branches, we halt the spread of any diseases, thus boosting overall tree health and longevity.

Reducing the weight of heavy branches minimises the risk of them breaking off, particularly during severe weather conditions, reducing the potential of property damage. This preventive approach ensures safety and mitigates the risk of injury to people and damage to nearby structures.

Optimising sunlight access is another critical benefit of our services. By thinning the tree's canopy, we enhance light penetration, promoting healthier and more robust foliage growth. Improved light access also benefits the undergrowth and any nearby plants that require sunlight.

Our services also significantly improve air circulation through and around the tree, reducing the likelihood of diseases and pest infestations. Better air circulation allows the tree to breathe easier, enhancing its overall health and vitality.

Maintaining the structural integrity of the tree is another important benefit. Overgrown branches can lead to an imbalanced tree structure. Our expert team shapes the tree, maintaining a balanced and aesthetic structure, reducing the risk of branches breaking off and ensuring that the tree continues to grow healthily.


Supporting You Across Arboricultural Services

Landscape Services collaborates with a wide range of sectors, delivering tailored tree maintenance solutions across a specialist suite of arboricultural services. These include crown lifting, tree felling, tree pruning, stump removal and arboricultural tree inspections.

We've amassed extensive experience working with schools, hospitality organisations, and local councils, ensuring their landscapes are consistently well-maintained, safe and aesthetically pleasing. Our team's skills, knowledge and commitment to quality service ensure that your trees and landscape are in safe and capable hands.

If you're considering enhancing your landscape or maintaining your trees' health and aesthetics, Landscape Services are ready to assist. We offer personalised services tailored to your needs, with our team readily available to address your queries.

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