Hard Landscaping.

When we say hard landscaping, or hardscaping, we’re referring to the range of services which work with hard aggregates and products such as gravel, paving, stone, concrete or cut wood.

Examples of where these might be used are within ponds or water features, paving and fencing. These elements then provide the base for Soft Landscaping works such as grass, plants and vegetation.

  • Fencing and Gates

    Our excellent hard landscaping team and partners supply, install and maintain a wide range of fence types, materials and sizes.

    Fencing and Gates
  • Street furniture installation and maintenance

    Landscape Services will source, install and maintain your street furniture.

    Street Furniture Installation and Maintenance
  • Pathways, Paving and Patios

    Patios and paving can transform your open spaces, enhancing the look, feel and versatility of an outdoor feature area.

    Pathways, Paving and Patios
  • Pond Installation and Maintenance

    Ponds, fountains and water features are popular additions to landscaped open spaces throughout Kent.

    Pond Installation and Maintenance

“Thank you and your team for your ongoing commitment and support- the site looked ship shape indeed. The planting is maturing well and it’s reassuring that the landscaping and day to day on-site management is in safe hands."

APB Property Consultants.

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Grounds Maintenance.

Grounds or Grass Maintenance is how we refer to the services which focus on beautifying or caring for green spaces.

Sports Facilities Maintenance.

Sports facilities management is the overseeing and ongoing maintenance of outdoor sports facilities.