Hard Landscaping.

When we say hard landscaping, or hardscaping, we’re referring to the range of services that work with hard aggregates and generally manmade products such as gravel, paving, stone, concrete or cut wood.

Hard landscaping is the ideal solution for customers looking for low maintenance, hard wearing outdoor furniture or features. It is often used instead of, or alongside, soft landscaping alternatives – examples being grass, plants and vegetation - for the practical benefits it offers, such as privacy and security, drainage and accessibility.

Although occasionally a little more expensive than soft landscaping, the elements of your outdoor space which have been hardscaped will require only minimal upkeep and maintenance to ensure they remain safe and clean, making them a worthy investment. The benefit of not having to mow, prune or water these elements make them the perfect option for pathways and seating areas, particularly when it comes to accessibility for wheelchair users or those with low mobility.

Our staff have the knowledge and experience of working with these materials on commercial open spaces and can recommend the optimum solution to achieve your objectives with the least harmful impact to the environment.

Why choose Landscape Services for my hard landscaping services?

Landscape Services has been providing our outdoor services for over 80 years, during which time we have managed and installed thousands of hard landscaping projects for our customers.

We provide a consultative service, with free on-site visit, to offer professional insight and solutions to suit your requirements and budget. From paving to temporary installations, our team uses their unique knowledge of hard and soft landscaping to develop a bespoke service package tailored to the space and limitations within which we would be working.

We pride ourselves on the close working relationships we hold with our customers, getting to know their organisation and understanding not just what they want, but also how their outdoor spaces will develop over the coming years. This allows us to recommend hard landscaping solutions which can stand the test of time or, if required, could be a much better temporary alternative.

We are also committed to reducing our impact on the environment wherever possible, and encouraging and educating the same with our customers. Across each project we work on, we consider the environmental factors to ensure we’re delivering the best possible solution to reduce our environmental footprint.


What commercial hard landscaping services do we offer?

Hard landscaping can be a great way to add texture to an outdoor space. Whilst soft landscaping focuses on a living, natural aesthetic, hard landscaping can be used to create a much more concise look with sharp lines and edges.

And for those looking for a unique and modern result which still delivers on positive environmental impact, hard landscaping is regularly used alongside soft landscaping to seamlessly merge natural with man-made.

Over the years we have provided hard landscaping services to a range of commercial customers, for a diverse portfolio of spaces and budgets. Contact our team today to arrange a free site visit with our team.

  • Fencing and Gates

    Our excellent hard landscaping team and partners supply, install and maintain a wide range of fence types, materials and sizes.

    Fencing and Gates
  • Street furniture installation and maintenance

    Landscape Services will source, install and maintain your street furniture.

    Street Furniture Installation and Maintenance
  • Pathways, Paving and Patios

    Patios and paving can transform your open spaces, enhancing the look, feel and versatility of an outdoor feature area.

    Pathways, Paving and Patios
  • Pond Installation and Maintenance

    Ponds, fountains and water features are popular additions to landscaped open spaces throughout Kent.

    Pond Installation and Maintenance

Bespoke commercial hard landscaping Services.

Aside from the visual improvements which can be attained using hard landscaping, it can also be used to achieve several objectives which will benefit yourself and visitors to your property, such as:

  • By investing in hard landscaping you can offer your visitors a better quality-of-life experience, particularly for those with reduced mobility. Patios, paving and outdoor seating allow for more accessibility options making your space available to everyone.

  • Hard Landscaping usually requires little to no ongoing maintenance. Aside from occasional repair works and cleaning the majority of your open space hardscaping will stand the test of time.

  • It can offer both safety and privacy in the form of solid walls and fences. For situations where a hedgerow may not be enough or you require something more substantial and long-lasting, panel or wire fencing, or brick walls can be a much better solution.

  • Unlike soft landscaping which relies on good lighting, good weather conditions and excellent aftercare as it grows, hard landscaping is not affected by the weather conditions. In fact, hard landscaping services can be used to reduce or eliminate problems caused by weather, such as flooding.

  • Those who invest in hard or soft landscaping for their property can greatly improve its curb appeal, which will benefit both when it comes to selling the property, or when customers visit; a first impression can make all the difference.

We’ll combine our years of experience with your requirements and vision to tailor make a service package to suit your objectives.

“Thank you and your team for your ongoing commitment and support- the site looked ship shape indeed. The planting is maturing well and it’s reassuring that the landscaping and day to day on-site management is in safe hands."

APB Property Consultants.

Local hard landscaping expertise.

Landscape Services operate throughout Kent and the southeast from our four main depot locations of Ashford, Maidstone, Broadstairs and Tonbridge. We have a workforce of almost 100 members of operational staff, including experienced hard landscaping specialists, plus an extensive network of fully vetted and highly skilled local contractors to ensure our customers are getting nothing but the best.

Our staff undergo regular and industry approved training to allow them to provide the high-level service our customers have come to expect, with specialisms in hard landscaping, soft landscaping and arboriculture amongst others.

Contact us today to discuss your hard landscaping requirements.

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