Grounds Maintenance

Commercial Aeration Services.

Grass aeration is the act of using equipment, such as tractor-mounted spikes and verti-drainers to create small pockets beneath the soil which allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots; we do this to encourage new growth and lusher greenery, as well as to give the earth its springy texture. 

Compacted earth happens in regularly used, all-grass areas such as sports pitches, fine turf and lawns. It can be the result of heavy foot traffic, machinery, continuously wet weather or with the natural settling of soil over time, with the impact being that the normally spongey layers of soil are pushed together, gradually starving the earth of air and nutrients and making the ground hard. 

Most grassed areas benefit from aeration at least once a year, either around the spring or autumn months, but may require more frequent work if used regularly.

What is commercial aeration and why is it important?

Soil compaction makes it difficult for grass roots to grow and access essential nutrients and water, which can result in a thin or unhealthy lawn. With the use of specialised commercial aeration equipment, we create small pockets of air beneath the soil to allow for better water and nutrient circulation, promoting healthier growth and a thicker, more vibrant lawn.

Additional benefits of commercial aeration can include:

  • Reducing water usage and costs – A healthier lawn requires much less maintenance. With air pockets allowing access direct to the root you avoid water sitting atop the soil and creating waterlogged patches.
  • Increasing resilience to stress and foot traffic – Over time a well aerated pitch or lawn will develop a spongey, springy texture which will withstand the stresses of everyday use much better than a field which is undernourished.
  • Creating a positive impression for customers, visitors, and employees – When properly maintained, grass will grow thick and lush, offering a much more aesthetic result than grass which is compacted – patchy, dull, thin.
  • A safer playing space for outdoor sports – Much like running on concrete, running on compacted earth can be tough on joints, such as your knees and ankles. The ideal playing conditions are springy, healthy grass which better absorb impact.

At Landscape Services, we pride ourselves on being industry experts in commercial lawn aeration. Our team of professionals have years of experience in lawn care and are trained in the latest techniques for promoting healthy grass growth. We use state-of-the-art equipment and products to ensure that the aeration process is done correctly and effectively. Our team takes a tailored approach to each commercial property, assessing the specific needs of the lawn and recommending the best aeration solution for optimum results.


How our aeration services improve the health of your turf.

Landscape Services has the knowledge and expertise to assess the nutritional needs of your pitches and open spaces to determine the best course of action. Lawn aeration services can improve the appearance of a field, enhance its resilience to stress, and reduce the risk of disease. This, in turn, creates a more attractive and inviting environment for people to enjoy.

Aeration is only one of the services we offer to improve the look and health of your open spaces, and depending on the requirements of each project we may recommend a package of scheduled pitch renovation services, including scarification, fertilisation, overseeding, topdressing and weeding


Who can benefit from commercial aeration services?

A wide range of organisations can benefit from commercial aeration services. These include businesses that own or manage commercial properties with lawns, such as hotels, schools, golf courses, sports facilities, and parks. 

Local governments responsible for maintaining public parks, sports fields or other recreational areas can also benefit from commercial aeration or renovation services. In addition, residential property management companies or homeowners' associations that maintain common areas with lawns can benefit from commercial aeration services. Essentially, any establishment that wants to maintain an attractive and healthy lawn can benefit from commercial aeration services. 

Commercial aeration equipment and techniques we use.

Commercial Verti-drainer aeration equipment uses rotating, hollow tines to dig into the earth. As these tractor-mounted spikes move along the grass their slightly angled tines lift the top layer of earth to create small channels or air beneath the soil. 

Verti drainers are efficient equipment for lawn aeration, promoting healthy root growth and relieving soil compaction, improving soil structure, and preventing waterlogging - particularly in heavy clay soils. They are a valuable tool for lawn care to enhance the health and appearance of the turf and reduce the risk of disease. 

Landscape Services benefit from an extensive range of quality aeration equipment – manual and tractor mounted – to allow us to provide the best possible service for our customers. We also run a fleet of eight tractors throughout the county of Kent giving us excellent coverage to provide the most efficient service for your open spaces. 

We can also arrange for soil sampling for your open spaces to allow us to better understand the make-up of your soils, and to develop a tailored maintenance package to suit.


Schedule your commercial aeration service today.

Following a free on-site visit of your open spaces, our expert team will assess the condition of your lawn and recommend the best aeration solution, dependent on the condition of your grass areas, the location of the area and your budget. 

You will then be provided with a personalised, no-obligation quote for services recommended by us, which can include an additional renovative service plan to get your fields, pitches, lawns and open spaces healthy. Contact our team today to find out how we can help.