Soft Landscaping.

Soft Landscaping is how we refer to the services which use and nurture ‘living’ parts of the landscape such as grass, plants and vegetation.

Examples of this would be a shrub border, seasonal flower beds, hedges or topiary and its overall appeal is a seamless, natural look, as opposed to hard landscaping - fencing or paving for example - which adds a manmade element to your design.

Within this industry we find that decision makers tend to gravitate more towards either soft landscaping or hard landscaping, depending on their requirements and own tastes - some people prefer the clean lines of a classic fence over the ongoing care of a hedge, and we can certainly appreciate the benefits of that decision.

However, one of the main reasons people tend to go with the more natural approach of soft landscaping is its impact to the environment. By developing a space with trees, plants and greenery, you can create the perfect habitat for birds, bees, bugs and other wildlife to live and thrive without having to compromise on safety, privacy or quality.

In fact, a lot of our customers come to Landscape Services with either soft or hard landscaping in mind, and many leave with a healthy mix of both. We don’t see landscaping as an ‘either, or’ situation but as an opportunity to find the middle ground, tailored to tick every box.

Why choose Landscape Services for my soft landscaping?

Here at Landscape Services we pride ourselves on ensuring our customers are pleased with our work, whilst considering and educating on the environment too. With in-person, on-site consultations we can help you to not only bring your ideas to life, but our 80+ years of commercial soft landscaping experience gives us the unique knowledge and insight to offer suggestions, development plans or alternative solutions to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want, with the most positive impact to nature.

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment wherever possible, and one of the ways we do this is through our border planting schemes, for which we carefully select plants that are wildlife and bee friendly. We also avoid the use of dangerous chemicals and pesticides which can be extremely harmful to outdoor spaces. When unavoidable all pesticides used by Landscape Services are HSE-approved and PPP-authorized.


What soft landscaping services do we offer?

We understand that when it comes to your open spaces there are two elements at play; practical and aesthetic. You want your grounds maintenance and landscaping to look good, and make you feel good, whilst also sufficiently serving its purpose in the best way.

Through our extensive catalogue if services - including shrubbery and hedges maintenance, border planting and ground maintenance - we are able to help to deliver on both elements, providing aesthetically pleasing structure which is easy to manage and fulfils the requirements of the project.

There is a lot of research outlining the positive effects of plants and green spaces for you, too. Studies have shown that not only do plants look good, but they can also lower stress levels and reduce anxiety and depression, which in turn leads to better overall wellbeing for you and those visiting your open spaces.

It is for this reason that a lot of our customers are now talking about spaces specifically for cultivating positive mental health and wellbeing, such as sensory gardens and aptly named wellbeing gardens, particularly within the commercial and working environment. Get in touch today to book a free consultation site visit.

  • Shrubbery and Hedges

    Hedges and shrubbery are a greener alternative to fencing.

    Shrubbery and Hedges
  • Border Planting Schemes

    A border planting scheme is a plan to plant, manage and maintain a horticultural border or bed.

    Border Planting Schemes
  • Grounds Maintenance.

    Grounds or Grass Maintenance is how we refer to the services which focus on beautifying or caring for green spaces.

    Grounds Maintenance

The benefits of bespoke commercial soft landscaping services

As mentioned above, soft landscaping not only adds an aesthetically pleasing finish to any business or commercial building, it has a wide range of practical benefits too.

On occasion we will be tasked with delivering a certain objective for our customers, such as providing security, privacy or developing a better ecosystem for local wildlife, and we’re always ready to take on the challenge. For example;

  • We use trees, shrubbery, and bushy plants to help reduce noise. Trees and nature help mask the sounds of unwanted noise by replacing it with more natural sounds of leaves, birds and bugs. It also helps to create a visual barrier between you and the cause of the noise.

  • We use hedgerows for privacy and security. Once established your hedges become thick and dense, which makes them the perfect, natural alternative to traditional fencing.

  • By adding some soft landscaping to your front of house you can create an excellent first impression for your visitors and staff. In some circumstances a more aesthetic look can also increase property value.

  • We encourage the planting of wildlife- and pollinator-friendly plants and shrubbery to create an environmentally sound space. Lots of plants have the additional benefit of absorbing high levels of CO2 too, which make them great for smaller or enclosed spaces where fresh air is sometimes harder to circulate.

Our experience and expertise enable us to provide tailored services for commercial business designed to suit your requirements and achieve your objectives, however big they may seem.

“Just to say a massive thanks for the efforts that have been made on site. The site is looking much better and the lads are really cracking on with it.”

Abbey School

Our commercial soft landscaping services.

At Landscape Services we provide an experienced and knowledgeable operational team who can transform your outdoor space into a thing of wonder. Our years in business have seen us work with spaces of all different shapes and sizes, using a mix of services to help our customers create their ideal outdoor masterpiece.

For soft landscaping in particular we often find it pairs well with aspects of hard landscaping, complimenting a natural garden with a modern twist in the form of furniture, fencing, walks or ponds. We also recommend an ongoing routine grounds maintenance package to ensure your green space is kept neat, safe and looking as good as possible.

With our expertise, we’re able to provide a variety of soft landscaping solutions including soil cultivation and turf laying, alongside an excellent customer service division to offer ongoing support as your project develops and grows over the years to come. Our expert kent-based team can also support with services such as pond and riverside planting and drainage or irrigation systems.

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