Soft Landscaping.

Soft Landscaping is how we refer to the services which use ‘living’ parts of the landscape such as grass, plants and vegetation.

Examples of this would be a shrub border, seasonal flower beds or topiary and its overall appeal is a seamless, natural look, as opposed to hard landscaping - fencing or paving for example - which adds a manmade element to your design.

  • Shrubbery and Hedges

    Hedges and shrubbery are a greener alternative to fencing.

    Shrubbery and Hedges
  • Border Planting Schemes

    A border planting scheme is a plan to plant, manage and maintain a horticultural border or bed.

    Border Planting Schemes
  • Grounds Maintenance.

    Grounds or Grass Maintenance is how we refer to the services which focus on beautifying or caring for green spaces.

    Grounds Maintenance

“Just to say a massive thanks for the efforts that have been made on site. The site is looking much better and the lads are really cracking on with it.”

Abbey School

Related services.

Additional Services.

Landscape Services has developed its repertoire of skillsets and specialisms to include several additional services.

Hard Landscaping.

Hard landscaping, or hardscaping, is a group of services which work with hard aggregates and products such as gravel, paving, stone, concrete or cut wood.

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