Sports Facilities Maintenance.

Sports facilities maintenance, or sports grounds maintenance is the overseeing and ongoing care of your outdoor sports fields and facilities.

Every outdoor sports field requires a base level of maintenance, such as grass cutting and weeding, which helps to keep the grass healthy and the grounds clear of hazards like weeds or debris. This routine maintenance also enables you to clearly identify any problems with the surface of the playing field, such as divots, holes or pests.

Alongside routine care, it is also important to consider what is happening beneath the surface. With repetitive pressure the earth on your outdoor sports fields can very quickly become compacted, causing poor drainage or anaerobic conditions, both hostile for grass growth, and resulting in uneven, patchy and waterlogged grounds. Ultimately: unsightly and unsafe.

Through proactive and routine sports ground maintenance these potential hazards can be avoided and the playing surface kept in great condition, ensuring the safety of your players and prolonging the life of the playing field.

In addition to regular mowing and weed control, we provide services such as line marking, goal post maintenance, aeration and scarification, and can identify or repair any damage to the playing surface. We’ll see to it that your outdoor sports facilities are safe, compliant, and looking their best all year round.

“Our sports coach has just been round to say the grass has been cut so well and thoroughly. He said it was like professional turf and even the edges were cut perfectly! So please pass on our big thanks, a good job well done!”

St Mary's Catholic Primary School.

Why choose Landscape Services for your Sports Facilities Maintenance?

We have been specialists of outdoor facilities maintenance for over 80 years. Several of our education and local authority customers have counted on us through numerous rugby seasons, school sports days and bowls competitions, and continue to use Landscape Services for their outdoor sports solutions.

With our workforce of over 100 employees, we have experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about the latest landscaping techniques. All staff are trained and educated in the importance of soil science, giving them an expert understanding of the condition of your pitch and the remedial steps needed to get it back to full health.


What sports facility maintenance services do we offer?

We deliver a range of services designed to perfectly manage your end-to-end seasonal requirements, including off-season facilities maintenance, pitch prep and line marking. The equipment and machinery we use is of the highest quality, owned and maintained by ourselves, and includes a fleet of tractors with a variety of specialised attachments to support on projects.

Our semi-permanent line marking equipment and technology gives you precise and clear field markings for play areas of all sizes and types, whilst our grounds maintenance division can support with your routine and proactive requirements, such mowing and edging, fertilising and renovation, turfing, top dressing and overseeding.

Dependent on your requirements, we can design and oversee a bespoke seasonal plan to ensure we can prepare your pitches in time for major sporting events throughout the year. Contact us today to arrange a free site visit with one of our experts.

  • Line Marking

    Line marking is used in sports grounds such as football fields, basketball courts and running tracks to mark the lines needed for play.

    Line Marking
  • Pitch Care and Renovations

    Correct pitch care can also add up to 30% to the life span of a pitch and help to withstand extended high use.

    Pitch Care and Renovations
  • Scarification

    Without proper care and scarification, thatch can make it difficult for grass to receive key nutrients needed to grow.

  • Grounds Maintenance.

    Grounds or Grass Maintenance is how we refer to the services which focus on beautifying or caring for green spaces.

    Grounds Maintenance

What type of sports facilities do we maintain?

We want to ensure that our customers are getting the most out of their outdoor spaces. With routine sports ground maintenance and a bespoke seasonal plan we can ensure your fields and grounds are kept in great condition, ready for every game.

We work with a wide variety of commercial and public sector organisations, and have experience of maintaining:

  • Recreational spaces
  • Cricket pitches
  • Ball sports fields
  • Athletics and running tracks
  • Racket sports courts
  • Astro grass fields
  • Bowls greens
  • Markings for one-off events
  • And more.

Supporting you with your sport facilities management.

If you have a sports facility that is in frequent use, keeping sport markings visibly clear and your pitches healthy, safe and accessible is essential.

Whether you're looking for someone to handle day-to-day sports ground maintenance tasks or if you need help with a special project, Landscape Services can provide specialist knowledge and support to your existing on-site team, or work directly with you to manage and maintain sports and recreational spaces on your behalf. Contact our team today.

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