Sports Facilities Maintenance

Line Marking.

Line marking is used in sports grounds such as football, rugby, hockey, basketball and tennis courts, athletic tracks and field events, to mark the lines needed for play. These lines allow you to facilitate your sport activities, set boundaries for safer sports, meet health and safety obligations and define clear, visible lines that meet the required standards.

Line marking paints come in many colours and types and can be both a permanent and semi-permanent solution, giving you the freedom to configure the layout of all lines from sports pitches, to outdoor car parks or warehouse spaces in any way you want. Semi-permanent, water-soluble paint is best used in natural grass sports pitches for its versatility, allowing you to mow or wash the paint out when it is no longer needed. Semi-permanent line marking paint will last an average of two to four weeks depending on weather and ground conditions, suitable for over-marking and is non-hazardous. It is also available for artificial surfaces.

Permanent line marking is more often used for car parks and road markings, playground markings and for outlining safety aisles and walkways or health and safety on-floor signage. Whether opting for hot pour, thermos-plastic or road-line, permanent paint offers the unique benefit of being entirely customisable; contact our team today to discuss your bespoke needs.

Professional line marking services in Kent

Customers of Landscape Services benefit from a network of experienced grounds maintenance operatives who have specialised in sports facilities management in and around Kent for over 80 years. With the assistance of top of the range marking equipment – including two calibratable markers with expert GPS mapping capabilities – our staff can provide 365 seasonal line marking plans and maintenance packages tailored to your requirements.

Customers who currently use Landscape Services for line marking services include;

  • Primary and secondary schools and academies
  • Housing associations
  • Local and parish councils
  • Business premises and property managers
  • Sports fields, stadiums and recreational areas

Clear, correct line marking is an important safety feature. It helps to differentiate areas designated for play from those which are safe to walk through or stand on. A similar consideration applies with car parking lines and safety aisles which offer direction on where is safe to walk, drive or stand, and what the rules within that particular area may be. Without clear or visible lines safety may not necessarily be assured.

Our line marking services

With the investment of two GPS field line marking machines and location mapping software from SWOZI, we are able to fully calibrate the size and limitations of your open spaces, giving us a blank canvas from which to best utilise your sports pitches with safety and positioning in mind. Our GPS software comes pre-loaded with field and pitch templates which mean a quicker, more precise solution for your sports requirements. These include – in varying sizes;

  • Rugby pitch line marking
  • Football pitch line marking
  • Cricket pitch line marking
  • Athletic tracks and field events line marking
  • Basketball and tennis court line marking
  • And even quidditch pitch line marking!

However, professional commercial line marking is not just limited to sports and outdoor surfaces. It can be used in a number of situations and spaces;

Sports facilities line marking - Sports line marking is most often used to line a pitch, such as football, rugby or cricket. They can also be used to mark safe gangways for walking, technical areas for linesmen and spectator areas providing a safe place to sit and watch.

Outdoor athletics line marking - Line marking can be used to accurately mark lengths for running tracks and other outdoor athletics, including any start and finish wording and length markers. Athletics line marking should always be undertaken by a professional line marking operative to ensure dimensions are correct and to the standards of the Amateur Athletic Association (AAA) and Sports England. 

Car park and roadside line marking - Safety is a huge consideration with regards to roadside and car park line markings. Lines, signage and directional markings must be clear, in the correct colours and the right size for the use intended. Landscape Services have years of experience providing clear line marking solutions within the car parking areas of our customers. This has included space and bay marking, disability signage, hatch markings for no-parking zones, No Entry and Exit wording, the walking man and directional arrows and signage.

Warehouse and HSEQ line marking - Whilst often associated with the outdoors, our excellent line marking team also have plenty of experience providing health and safety line marking for our workshop and warehouse customers. From HSEQ walkways to marking the correct standing distances for pits, lanes and steps. We can provide anything from basic lines and directional arrows to wording and crosshatching.

General line marking - Line marking can be used in a number of situations and in every sector. It is a hard-wearing solution which can take considerable footfall, whilst also being simple and safe to remove when required.

All of our paint is industry approved and non-toxic, non-harmful to the environment, wildlife and people. Its fast-dry properties make it an excellent choice for schools, playgrounds, carparks and other areas which see heavy footfall.