Local Government.

Landscape Services has roots established in local government. It has existed since the 1940’s when it was part of the Kent County Council Estates department, before being transferred to Commercial Services, and remains wholly owned by the Council. 

This unique insight makes us the perfect partner for our local authority customers; particularly our understanding of compliance, health and safety and other regulatory and governmental considerations which may influence, or be affected by, our work. 







Have a look through some of our popular services within the Local Government sector.

  • Grounds Maintenance.

    Grounds or Grass Maintenance is how we refer to the services which focus on beautifying or caring for green spaces.

    Grounds Maintenance
  • Arboricultural Services.

    Arboriculture is the name given to services which relate to the health and maintenance of trees.

    Arboricultural Services
  • Seasonal Weather Services

    Our seasonal weather packages provide commercial ground maintenance and grounds care services to ensure that your business can operate as usual, even in adverse weather conditions.  

    Seasonal Weather Services
  • Litter and Graffiti

    Maintaining open spaces is not just about making them look good, but also about ensuring they stay that way.

    Litter and Graffiti
  • Play and Gym Equipment Inspections

    Regular inspections are the key to ensuring your playground & gym equipment remains in good condition and safe to use.

    Play and Gym Equipment Inspections
  • Weed & moss control

    Using quality, HSE approved herbicides and the care and attention of our expert Grounds Maintenance team, we ensure your weeds and moss are kept under control.

    Weed and moss control
  • Line Marking

    Line marking is used in sports grounds such as football fields, basketball courts and running tracks to mark the lines needed for play.

    Line Marking
  • Shrubbery and Hedges

    Hedges and shrubbery are a greener alternative to fencing.

    Shrubbery and Hedges
  • Fencing and Gates

    Our excellent hard landscaping team and partners supply, install and maintain a wide range of fence types, materials and sizes.

    Fencing and Gates
  • Street furniture installation and maintenance

    Landscape Services will source, install and maintain your street furniture.

    Street Furniture Installation and Maintenance
  • Pest Control

    All of our pest control technicians are qualified to RSPH Level II standard.

    Pest Control

Other sectors.

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