Soft Landscaping

Border Planting Schemes.

A border planting scheme is a predetermined plan put together by both customer and Landscape Services representative, to plant, manage and maintain a horticultural border or bed.

We focus on several key factors when building schemes, including; wildlife pollinators and biodiversity; successful plant pairings for best colours, scents, heights, textures and vibrance; toxicity, potential risk to health and other plantlife and; seasonal longevity, evergreens, annuals, biennials and perennials.

In most situations we will be building a plan from scratch allowing you to best utilise your green spaces and inject colour, scent and visual beauty. On occasion we may also develop a plan to either revitalise or replant an existing bed, perhaps due to seasonal requirements or because the existing plants are tired and woody.

Trees and shrubs can be supplied in varying sizes and stages of establishment to offer a instant or developing effect.

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