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Commercial Pest Control.

Having pests on your property can be a nuisance. In the best-case scenario pests could be a seasonal inconvenience, easily rectified or discouraged, but there are instances where pests can create much greater problems, to people, property, and even structural integrity. With this in mind, there are two prongs to pest control; preventative pest control, and remedial pest control.

  • Preventative Pest Control looks at how your organisation might be at risk of future pest invasion. This may include assessing how secure your properties are, what factors of your working day-to-day might attract certain pests – such as vermin – and installing preventative measures to limit the chance of pest invasion becoming a problem.
  • Remedial pest control is the identification and remedial action taken to remove pests from the organisation safely, humanely and with utmost consideration to the customer, the environment and limiting any further damage. In certain instances, this may also include elements of preventative pest control to reduce the risk of pests coming back.

Landscape Services is a qualified and experienced pest control provider, specialising in outdoor pest infestations such as burrowing insects, spiders, moths and vermin. All of our pest control technicians are qualified to RSPH Level II standard, and we have the knowledge and experience of a variety of techniques both physical and chemical, to resolve your pest control issue with minimal impact to wildlife and the environment. Every insecticide we use has a full CoSHH assessment prior to use and our procedures remain in line with all governmental guidance. Landscape Services are full BCPA members.


Our pest control service offering

As a grounds maintenance and landscaping specialist, Landscape Services has a unique understanding of outdoor pests and the dangers they can pose to the public, animals, property or the environment. It is because of this knowledge that we believe it’s important to consider the ’wild’ parts of your property – gardens, hedgerows, open spaces – when deciding the level of pest control service required for our customers.

For example; although not always considered pests in the same sense as mice or bedbugs, invasive species of bugs, such as the caterpillar of the brown-tail moth - whose small hairs can cause breathing difficulties and rashes when touched - are within our wheelhouse of pest control specialisms. Grey squirrels are another example of invasive species not always considered when we speak of pests, but should one gain access to your property they can cause considerable damage to walls, ceilings and even become a fire risk. We look at the outdoor factors which might make it easy for a squirrel to access the property, and present recommendations of how this risk can be mitigated – e.g. through the scaling back of trees.

We provide tailored pest control services, personalised to the schedules, budgets and requirements of the customer. Through pre-planned scheduling we can offer a preventative maintenance package to keep your property pest-free, with regular on-site visual inspections to identify pest concerns early.


Why choose Landscape Services for your pest control requirements?

Landscape Services is a business with a rich history of over 80 years. Based in several locations of Kent, including Maidstone, Sittingbourne, Ashford, Broadstairs and Dartford, we provide pest control services across the county. Our qualified (RSPH Level II standard) pest control colleagues offer a professional and knowledgeable service, with their unique experience within grounds maintenance adding a deeper level of service and understanding of the customer’s requirements. Landscape Services also work with carefully selected, fully vetted pest control partners which allows us to provide an even more diverse catalogue of services and specialisms. This offers our customers the added benefit of greater coverage throughout Kent, making us the ideal solution for call-outs, emergency pest control and routine maintenance.

In 2022 Landscape Services gained membership to the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), an organisation which promotes the highest standards of professionalism within the industry. Our business was carefully audited for competency and professionalism before being awarded the honour of membership and we are pleased to have the backing of the BPCA with the work we do.


Industries we support with pest control services

Pests can become a problem at any time, for a variety of different reasons. We have worked with lots of customers to prevent and remove pests including;

  • Wasp nests and beehives
  • Bird removal and proofing
  • Squirrel nests
  • Cockroaches, fleas and ticks
  • Mice, rats and other vermin
  • Fox proofing
  • Termites and other wood damaging pests

We provide pest control services for customers such as schools and academies, housing associations, local authorities, waste management companies, property management companies, retail and hospitality sectors, agriculture and farming industries and individual businesses and organisations.


Our prevention and maintenance measures

Preventative pest control is the best way to protect your property and possessions from potential pest invasion. We offer free site visits to allow our inspectors to assess the property and better understand any factors which may encourage pests, such as cleanliness of the site (and surrounding areas), local environmental factors – such as woodland, overgrown areas or flowing water – or any nooks and crannies which pests may gain entry through.

We believe that with the correct preventative pest control measures in place our customers can rest easy knowing that pest invasion is not only unlikely, but should a concern be raised, it will be responded to before it becomes a problem.

Our excellent grounds maintenance operatives and arboricultural teams also offer packages of on-site support to minimise the opportunity for pests to gain access or make a home within your border lines, including cutting back trees and hedgerows, mowing grass and keeping weeds clear.


Eco-friendly pest control solutions

Landscape Services are conscious of our impact on the environment, both as a business ourselves and with the impact our services may have on our customers. When audited in April 2022 Landscape Services was found to have a carbon footprint of 67.7 in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) - a number we’re continually working to lower.

Every insecticide we use has been fully CoSHH assessed before use and our procedures remain in line with all governmental guidance. In situations where pests cannot safely be relocated they will be humanely removed from the property with as little environmental impact as possible.