Tree Services.

Arboriculture is the name given to services which relate to the health and maintenance of trees.

Put simply, improper care can cause damage to both health and structural integrity, whereas regular, professional arboriculture can lengthen the life of your trees, thicken foliage and even promote a higher quality yield.

Landscape Services has qualified arborists to provide you with a range of key arboricultural services, including pruning and shaping, felling, tree and stump removal, stump grinding and tree reduction. Our expert team will ensure your trees are maintained and managed with consideration to their environment, health and safety.

We also have a number of qualified inspectors to provide you with routine and annual tree inspections.

  • Tree Felling

    There are some instances where a tree is no longer healthy enough, or safe enough, to remain where it is.

    Tree Felling
  • Tree Crown Lifting

    Crown lifting is when the lowest branches are removed from a tree.

    Crown Lifting
  • Arboricultural Tree Inspections

    The risk posed by damaged, unhealthy or unstable trees is not always easily visible to the untrained eye.

    Arboricultural Tree Inspections
  • Tree Pruning

    Tree pruning is the act of shortening branches, shaping foliage or removing dead branches.

    Tree Pruning
  • Tree Crown Thinning and Reduction

    Crown thinning and crown reduction are similar in their undertaking but both produce very different results.

    Crown Thinning and Reduction

“I would like to say that once again your guys have done an outstanding job for us here at the school. They have been helpful, professional and considerate at all times. Thanks for arranging the works to be carried out so quickly.”

Tymberwood Academy

Related services.

Safety Inspections.

Whether it’s a routine check, an ad-hoc query or an annual inspection, our qualified technicians, advisors and inspectors can ensure your property, trees or equipment is compliant.

Additional Services.

Landscape Services has developed its repertoire of skillsets and specialisms to include several additional services.

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