Commercial Grounds Maintenance.

Commercial Grounds Maintenance, or Commercial Grass Maintenance, is the regular care and upkeep of grassed areas. 

Sometimes commercial grounds maintenance is used as the collective term for all services which can be combined to care for and maintain your green or external spaces, such as sports facilities management, pest control, hard and soft landscaping and arboriculture. Here at Landscape Services we try to keep it as simple as possible, and so for our customers grounds maintenance refers only to the care of your grassed areas.

Mowing, weeding, fertilising and mulching are all great examples of commercial grounds maintenance at Landscape Services, and are often used alongside other services to offer a fuller package. Our staff are experienced and trained in soil science and can develop bespoke maintenance programs for your open space to offer you a greener, lusher and healthier yield.


Why choose Landscape Services for my Commercial Grounds Maintenance?

Landscape Services has been an expert provider of commercial grounds maintenance services for over 80 years. From its humble beginnings as a small division within Kent County Council, to its current workforce of almost 100 employees operating throughout Kent and the Southeast of England, grounds maintenance has remained the number one service for our customers and the reason many of them stay with us for years!

Landscape Services provides, uses and maintains all its own equipment. We have the backing of thousands of pieces of quality equipment, including a fleet of five tractors - plus specialised attachments – hundreds of strimmers, handmowers and a remote controlled robomower which allows us to get into the tightest, steepest or trickiest places with ease.

Our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment means we’ll always use approved, low-impact pesticides and sprays, and battery or hybrid equipment wherever possible.

What Grounds Maintenance Services do we offer? 

Professional maintenance of your grounds and open spaces can be achieved in a number of ways and for a variety of reasons. For grounds which are patchy, compacted or thatched we may recommend remedial grounds maintenance, such as aeration, weed control or renovation to get your grass looking its best.

Once your open space is healthy and has achieved the desired aesthetic we’d look to develop a maintenance package to suit your ongoing requirements, with mowing, edging and additional support as and when required.

  • Mowing

    Our teams operate a large catalogue of expert equipment to provide lawn and grass mowing services.

  • Edging

    Grass edging, or lawn edging, is a subset of ground maintenance that focuses specifically on visual appeal. A well-maintained green space is essential for commercial properties, significantly impacting the overall appearance of your property or open space.

  • Aeration

    Grass aeration creates small pockets beneath the soil to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots.

  • Top dressing & overseeding

    Top dressing fills or evens out irregularities and dips in the soil, ready for overseeding with new grass seed. 

    Top dressing and overseeding
  • Weed & moss control

    Using quality, HSE approved herbicides and the care and attention of our expert Grounds Maintenance team, we ensure your weeds and moss are kept under control.

    Weed and moss control
  • Turfing: Astro & live grass

    Turfing is the process of applying pre-grown grasses to areas of a lawn which may be patchy or bare to provide an instant visual effect.

    Turfing: Astro and live grass
  • Fertilising & renovation

    The act of fertilizing feeds nutrients to the soil which gives the correct PH levels and improves the overall nutritional value of the soil.

    Fertilising and renovation services

What type of commercial grounds do we maintain?

Landscape Services manage a diverse portfolio of outdoor and green spaces, from large recreational fields and sports pitches to verges, banks and front of house. We are also asked to undertake ad-hoc or one-off works for clients new and existing, which we are able to turn around quickly and with quality. Examples of the commercials grounds we have maintained include:

  • Sports and recreational fields
  • Wildlife areas and woodlands
  • Industrial, retail or business parks
  • Front of house
  • Leisure or public gardens
  • Stadiums and amphitheatres
  • Play parks and playgrounds
  • Verges, banks and clearings
  • Commercial exterior spaces

Supporting you in maintaining your commercial grounds.

We work closely with our customers to ensure they are getting the final result they desire. Taking the both the local and global environment into account we promise a quality service with the smallest possible impact to wildlife, residents and service users.

All staff are enhanced DBS registered, with branded ID badges and uniforms for peace of mind, and staff are considerate of your requirements and expectations when scheduling for visits – working around busier periods or events as required.


Our experienced grounds maintenance professionals.

Landscape Services benefits from a loyal workforce, boasting over 1000 years of collective experience. Our teams are trained to the highest standard, and with high quality machinery. With two seasoned Operational Managers we can guarantee bespoke grounds maintenance packages to suit every customer, reviewed on an annual basis or as often as required.

Our expert Experience & Development Team support the works completed by our operational workforce with 365 communication, scheduling and invoicing, as well as query support and feedback. What’s more, customers of Landscape Services benefit from a dedicated Accounts Manager who will keep a close eye on your package to ensure you’re getting the most for your money, and the best possible option for your open spaces.

“We have recently changed to Landscape Services and are astounded at the quality and workmanship; we have been amazed at how hard they work and how helpful and knowledgeable they are.

It has been a really smooth transition from our previous provider to Landscape Services, they have made it seamless."

King Ethelbert School

Local Grounds Maintenance.

Operating from our four main depot locations in Dartford, Maidstone, Ashford and Tonbridge, we provide excellent commercial grounds maintenance throughout the county of Kent and beyond.

In situations where contracts span longer time periods we always look to recruit locally, and for larger or more complex contracts Landscape Services can provide a dedicated unit of staff to offer a seamless service for the duration.

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