Grounds Maintenance.

Grounds or Grass Maintenance is how we refer to the services which focus on beautifying or caring for green spaces.

It is the name given to all mowing or grass care, such as overseeding or top dressing, and is often used alongside our other services – such as sports facilities management, hard and soft landscaping and arboriculture, to offer a fuller package of services.

Our staff are experienced and trained in soil science and can develop bespoke maintenance programs for your open space to offer you a greener, lusher and healthier yield.

  • Mowing

    Our teams operate a large catalogue of expert equipment to provide lawn and grass mowing services.

  • Edging

    Achieved by both manual and mechanical precision, this type of maintenance makes your outdoor spaces neater.

  • Aeration

    Grass aeration creates small pockets beneath the soil to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots.

  • Top dressing & overseeding

    Top dressing fills or evens out irregularities and dips in the soil, ready for overseeding with new grass seed. 

    Top dressing and overseeding
  • Weed & moss control

    Using quality, approved herbicides and the expertise of our Grounds Maintenance team to ensure your weeds and moss are kept under control.

    Weed and moss control
  • Turfing: Astro & live grass

    Turfing is the process of applying pre-grown grasses to areas of a lawn which may be patchy or bare to provide an instant visual effect.

    Turfing: Astro and live grass
  • Fertilising & renovation

    The act of fertilizing feeds nutrients to the soil which gives the correct PH levels and improves the overall nutritional value of the soil.

    Fertilising and renovation services

“We have recently changed to Landscape Services and are astounded at the quality and workmanship; we have been amazed at how hard they work and how helpful and knowledgeable they are.

It has been a really smooth transition from our previous provider to Landscape Services, they have made it seamless."

King Ethelbert School

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Additional Services.

Landscape Services has developed its repertoire of skillsets and specialisms to include several additional services.

Hard Landscaping.

Hard landscaping, or hardscaping, is a group of services which work with hard aggregates and products such as gravel, paving, stone, concrete or cut wood.

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