Property Development.

There are several considerations which need to be made when deciding to develop land for a housing estate, not least the location, quality and condition of the soil you're developing on, and if any of the trees on that land are protected. Put plainly, the wrong plot of land can slow down your development plans by months, if not years.

We work in partnership with our property development customers and the local authorities to prepare your land for development - whether that's through renovation services, installing drainage, professional soil testing, pest control, fencing and boundaries, arboricultural (tree) inspections, plus more. 

Have a look through some of our popular services within the Property Development sector.

  • Aeration

    Grass aeration creates small pockets beneath the soil to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots.

  • Fertilising & renovation

    The act of fertilizing feeds nutrients to the soil which gives the correct PH levels and improves the overall nutritional value of the soil.

    Fertilising and renovation services
  • Tree Felling

    There are some instances where a tree is no longer healthy enough, or safe enough, to remain where it is.

    Tree Felling
  • Border Planting Schemes

    A border planting scheme is a plan to plant, manage and maintain a horticultural border or bed.

    Border Planting Schemes
  • Fencing and Gates

    Our excellent hard landscaping team and partners supply, install and maintain a wide range of fence types, materials and sizes.

    Fencing and Gates
  • Arboricultural Tree Inspections

    The risk posed by damaged, unhealthy or unstable trees is not always easily visible to the untrained eye.

    Arboricultural Tree Inspections
  • Pest Control

    All of our pest control technicians are qualified to RSPH Level II standard.

    Pest Control

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