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Innovation & Technology.

As a continuously evolving organisation we strive to innovate our operations at all opportunities to ensure that we can add value to our teams, processes and ultimately to our customers.

In order to provide real time information to those who require it we have created and regularly provide dedicated customer portals.

These portals provide large, multi-trust and multi-location customers with 24/7 access to their specific contract information, including invoices, schedules, rebate statements where applicable, risk assessments, minutes of meetings and any other relevant documents. It also helps customers to better manage their supply chain.


Cloud based solutions.

As part of our ongoing innovation, we have moved from a server-based IT solution to cloud, therefore removing the need for 100 physical servers. This not only improves our environmental impact but ensures a more secure structure for our teams and customers.

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A significant development for Landscape Services has been the creation, development, trial and imminent launch of our purpose-built works order management system.

This incredible project will see all forty of our operational units equipped with mobile devices to allow them to access their key information for every customer as required. This will enable a faster provision of information and seamless communication with our central system.

Plant, machinery and products.

In 2020-21 we upgraded our fleet of eight tractors to New Holland T5 vehicles with their proprietary ECOblue and precision fuel management systems. These workhorses provide a reduction in emissions from our operations whilst being able to operate more efficiently at lower power use. We also benefit from quieter engines which has had a positive impact on customers.

We have accelerated our move to electric-based hand tools which has seen us purchase Stihl battery-operated hedge trimmers and grass cutters reducing emissions, noise and significantly reducing the risk created by hand arm vibration for our operatives.

In June 2022 we took delivery of our first hybrid mowing robot, the Agria 9600. 

Thanks to its balanced weight distribution and crawler chassis the 9600 is able to manoeuvre inclines of up to a 55° making it a safer and more agile alternative to man-powered mowers, whilst its hybrid engine and two 10L petrol tanks allow for a cleaner and environmentally friendly machine without compromise on results.

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All of our 70+ vehicles are fitted with Navman trackers.

Aside from security, these trackers provide us with rich information on our driving statistics and more importantly our travelling efficiencies. We utilise the outputs of the tracker reports to better assess our route planning, driver behaviour and it has enabled us to group customers in regional hubs thus ensuring reduced mileage and fuel consumption without impacting our customers.

We have also engaged with our supply chain to assess the viability of us purchasing improved carbon-capture mixtures of grass seeds and wildflower seeds to use on our customer sites. 

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