Private Sector / Estates.

Over the last 80+ years we've supported many businesses in creating as powerful an impression with their outdoor spaces as those within. Through regular grounds maintenance, seasonal shrub and hedge cutting and bespoke border schemes we help those within private sector to keep their grounds clean, neat and functional.

Here are some of the key services which are popular with our Private Sector customers.

  • Edging

    Grass edging, or lawn edging, is a subset of ground maintenance that focuses specifically on visual appeal. A well-maintained green space is essential for commercial properties, significantly impacting the overall appearance of your property or open space.

  • Mowing

    Our teams operate a large catalogue of expert equipment to provide lawn and grass mowing services.

  • Top dressing & overseeding

    Top dressing fills or evens out irregularities and dips in the soil, ready for overseeding with new grass seed. 

    Top dressing and overseeding
  • Tree Felling

    There are some instances where a tree is no longer healthy enough, or safe enough, to remain where it is.

    Tree Felling
  • Shrubbery and Hedges

    Hedges and shrubbery are a greener alternative to fencing.

    Shrubbery and Hedges
  • Border Planting Schemes

    A border planting scheme is a plan to plant, manage and maintain a horticultural border or bed.

    Border Planting Schemes
  • Fencing and Gates

    Our excellent hard landscaping team and partners supply, install and maintain a wide range of fence types, materials and sizes.

    Fencing and Gates
  • Pathways, Paving and Patios

    Patios and paving can transform your open spaces, enhancing the look, feel and versatility of an outdoor feature area.

    Pathways, Paving and Patios
  • Seasonal Weather Services

    Our seasonal weather packages provide commercial ground maintenance and grounds care services to ensure that your business can operate as usual, even in adverse weather conditions.  

    Seasonal Weather Services
  • Pest Control

    All of our pest control technicians are qualified to RSPH Level II standard.

    Pest Control

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